5 Surprising Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte

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Here are 5 surprising facts about Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French Statesman, and Military General. 

1. In his youth, he was an ardent Corsican Nationalist who distasted the French.

2. He once wrote a Romance Novel. However, it was never published during his lifetime. The full manuscript wouldn’t get published until rwo centuries later in 2007. 

3. The Rosetta Stone, an inscribed slab dating back to 196 BC, that helped decipher the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, was discovered by scholars Napoleon brought with him during his campaign in Egypt.

4. Tom Johnson, an Irish smuggler, made an elaborate plan to rescue Napoleon from his island prison in a Submarine armed with torpedoes. The plan never came to fruition.  

5. Napoleon and his entourage while out hunting was once attacked by a group of rabbits. The Rabbits won.


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