Fast Facts – The Battle of Midway

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One of the most decisive confrontations in naval history took place on 4 June 1942, when the Japanese Imperial Fleet attacked the United States Navy stationed near Midway atoll. Here are 5 fast facts about the Battle of Midway.

1. The Midway attack was commanded by the same man who oversaw Pearl Harbor – Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. 

2. The US intelligence was already aware that an attack was imminent and alerted the navy ahead of the date and location of the Japanese attack.

3. During the battle, the US navy was seriously outnumbered and didn’t have a single battleship available for combat. 

4. Midway is widely considered to be the major turning point of the war in the Pacific. The losses sustained by the Japanese in terms of skilled manpower and naval crafts were irreparable. In the single battle, the US had permanently weakened the offensive capabilities of the Japanese Navy.

5. In Japan, the public and much of the military were kept in the dark about the extent of the defeat at Midway. Many even mistakenly came to believe that it was a great victory for their country.


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